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Which Option Is Right For You? FAQs About Beginner Dance Classes

How should adults choose beginner dance classes? You may ready to get fit, get creative, and get moving, but you don't know where to start. Take a look at the questions to ask before you select a studio or class for first-time students.

Are You a True Beginner?

Is this your first dance class ever—or your first time dancing in the past few years? Some adults spent much of their childhood dancing. While this doesn't mean you're ready for a senior-level or expert class, you may have skills beyond what an instructor would expect from a true beginner.

If you have no experience in dance, a class that teaches basics or is an introduction to the art form is the best option. These types of classes help you to build fundamental skills and provide instruction on other aspects of dance, such as the terminology or what to wear while you train.

What Is Your Physical Fitness Level?

Most adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity weekly, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If exercise is new for you (or something you haven't done in years), you may need to start slowly. Look for a class that not only provides the basics, but also includes adjustments or adaptations for adults with different physical fitness levels and needs.

As you gradually increase your activity and fitness levels, you can move up to a more strenuous class. Talk to the studio's staff about different types of classes and how you can work your way up from basics to physically challenging options.

How Long Is the Class?

This question has two parts. The first is the length of each individual class. Even though your dance class probably won't fill the entire 150 minutes of activity you need to get weekly, it can become a significant part of your physical fitness routine. Ask yourself how much time you can devote to dance classes and how much extra exercise you'll need each week.

Beyond the time you'll spend in class each week, you also need to know more about the program's session length. Do you want a short-term class or something that lasts for several months?

What Style of Dance Do You Want to Learn?

There isn't just one beginner dance class. While some basic programs include an introduction to movement, stretching, or strength building, others focus on specific styles of dance. These include ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hip hop, lyrical, and more. If you want to focus on a style, make sure your would-be future studio offers this type of class.